Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino:

It is one of the most important historical attractions of Colombia and Latin America. It was founded in the seventeenth century and was dedicated to the cultivation of sugar cane. Currently this building is considered Altar to the Fatherland, and that becomes the final resting place of the Liberator Simon Bolivar. Today this place is a symbol of the unity of the Bolivarian countries and the epicenter of history and culture.

Aquarium and Museum of Rodadero sea:

With over 40 years of operation, this tourist attraction attracts visitors an exhibition of marine fauna composed of pools built in the sea, glass aquariums and museum. An ideal place to interact with animals, learn the history of the artifacts, and enjoy the marine place.


This natural reserve located at kilometer 58 via Riohacha, is the cultural and historical center of the Tayrona culture. This place preserves the restored terraces where the Tayrona Indians built their homes by the year 1650 about an archaeological museum with original parts, and lush nature. Today is a very important site for Koguis (direct descendants of the Tayrona) because it embodies the traditions of this culture.